Jenny Thompson


jthompson@evanstonhistorycenter or call 847-863-5898 (Evanston/Chicago area)

Jenny Thompson’s work focuses on late 19th and 20th century American cultural history. She uses a multi-disciplinary approach to examine a variety of historical topics, from the uses of World War I history to the ways visual images are used to tell the stories of history. She has taught at the University of Maryland and Roosevelt University. Lecture and presentation topics include: a visual history of American World War I propaganda, legacies of war in popular culture, the United States in the 1970s, and the history of visual images. She has a BA from San Francisco State University, an MA in American Studies from the George Washington University, and a PhD in American Studies from the University of Maryland. Her books include, War Games: Inside the World of 20th Century War Reenactors (2004, 2010), My Hut: A Memoir of a YMCA Volunteer in World War One, (editor, 2006), Evanston: A Tour Through the City’s History (editor, 2013), and The First Fifty Years: A History of Alpha Phi Fraternity, 1872-1922 (2013). Her essays and articles have appeared in numerous anthologies and journals, including the New York Times.  You can visit her blog about all things New York City at:  americanpast@​