124th Annual Meeting of the Evanston History Center

The 124th Annual Meeting of the Evanston History Center
Wednesday, June 30, 2021
7:00 pm
Held via Zoom, click here to join


Call to Order – Sharon Ephraim
Welcome and President’s Report – Sharon Ephraim
Approval of Minutes – Janet Neiman Reed
Click to view Minutes from the 123rd annual meeting
Treasurer’s Report – Max Grebenschikov
Director’s Report – Eden Juron Pearlman
Proposed Bylaw Changes – Roger Price
*If these bylaws changes are approved by the membership then we will proceed to elect board members and officers, consistent with the new bylaws.
Click to view current bylaws and proposed changes to bylaws
Election of Officers and Trustees – Eston Gross
President, Sharon Ephraim
Secretary, Mike Sullivan
Vice President of Marketing, Geoff Bonn
*Denotes this trustee is being elected to their first term, and their bio can be found here
Eduardo Gomez*
Cynthia Hoffman*
Ross Mathee*
Jenifer McCartney*
Elizabeth Middleton*
Katie Tucker Trippi*
Susan Turner*
Tosha Wilson
Thank you to our Trustees leaving the board – Sharon Ephraim
Dan Antman
Dave Downen
Max Grebenchikov
Judy Koehler
Sally Lynch
Janet Neiman Reed
Keynote Address – Judy Pollock
The Birds of Evanston, Then and Now.
Judy Pollock, President, Chicago Audubon Society and Bird Conservation Consultant at Living Habitats, will discuss what would Evanston’s birdlife have been like before colonization? How does that compare to today? Judy has extensive experience in engaging communities in bird conservation and habitat restoration, working with nature preservation organizations as a consultant, staff and volunteer.
Closing Remarks and Questions – Sharon Ephraim