Help Preserve Evanston History!

Eden Juron Pearlman is the Executive Director of the Evanston History Center. In her spare time she volunteers for Evanston Swims!, a partnership between YWCA Evanston/North Shore, McGaw YMCA, and District 65 to provide second-grade children in Evanston with free water safety instruction and swim lessons. The Evanston History Center is entering the 21st century … Read more

Great-Great-Grandson of Liberty: Charles Gates Dawes Attends Patriots’ Day, 1925

Written by Jacob Slutsky, EHC Intern. As a collections intern at the Evanston History Center I have had the privilege of working over the last few months with the records of the Dawes Family Collection. I would like to call attention to two artifacts that center around Charles Gates Dawes’s visit to Boston for Patriots’ … Read more

EHC On The Road

Written by Eden Juron Pearlman, Executive Director of the Evanston History Center and admirer of all types of architecture. The experience of working at the Evanston History Center is a mix of many experiences from daily life. It is part work (of course!), part family, part fun and part school. Actually, it is a lot … Read more

The Ice Cream Social of July 26, 2014: An Historic Occassion

By Thomas Kingsley. Thomas Kingsley is a retired attorney who is inspired by the character and history of Charles Gates Dawes, and by the extraordinary architecture and interior design of the Dawes House.  As a volunteer docent, he shares his enthusiasm with our visitors. As we are proud to acknowledge,  Charles Gates Dawes, the 30th … Read more

Every Nook and Cranny: Engineering a Partnership of 19th and 21st Century Technologies

Kris Hartzell is the Director of Facilities and Visitor Services, as well as our resident architectural historian. Many Evanstonians who passed by the Evanston History Center during the past year noticed an increased level of activity surrounding the Dawes House, from fencing and scaffolding to trucks and heavy digging equipment. The concern expressed by the … Read more

The Evanston History Center is Going Green!

We are pleased to announce that the Evanston History Center is making history! In order to provide a safer climate for conserving Evanston’s historical artifacts, we have begun the installation of a geo-thermal heating and cooling system at the Dawes House. Geothermal energy is renewable and sustainable, as well as more economical. For the first time, the Dawes … Read more

Margery Blair Perkins and the “Classic Town” of Evanston

Dr. Jenny Thompson is Director of Education at the Evanston History Center. She is editor of “Evanston: A Tour Through the City’s History.” In June 2013, the Evanston History Center announced the publication of a new edition of Margery Blair Perkins’ history of Evanston, titled, Evanston: A Tour Through the City’s History. The new edition, … Read more

New Tour Starts this Month! Front Stairs, Back Stairs: Stories of the Dawes House Staff

Erin FH Hughes is the Curator of Collections. Erin is originally from Madison, WI. She attended the University of Wisconsin and is very proud to be a Badger.  When visitors come to the Dawes house, the first thing most say is, “Wow! Who lived here? This house is beautiful.” While in the past they were … Read more