Tokens of the Shore

Tokens of the Shore Janet Messmer, Costume Curator, Evanston History Center As summer is drawing towards its close, you may be thinking about the fun in the sand you and your family have experienced using your Evanston Beach Tokens. These tokens began to be used in 1931,only on some of the beaches. There were free … Read more

Help Preserve Evanston History!

Eden Juron Pearlman is the Executive Director of the Evanston History Center. In her spare time she volunteers for Evanston Swims!, a partnership between YWCA Evanston/North Shore, McGaw YMCA, and District 65 to provide second-grade children in Evanston with free water safety instruction and swim lessons. The Evanston History Center is entering the 21st century … Read more

The Sudbury Connection

The Sudbury Connection Written by Jacob Slutsky, EHC Intern. “Thus from Sudbury stock descended one of America’s leading citizens, a man who has made his mark in the world, and who is striving strenuously for world peace.” – “U.S. Ambassador’s Visit to Ancestral Home Town,” East Anglia Daily Times, October 2, 1929. It’s no secret around … Read more

Hip Evanston

By Lori Osborne. Lori is the Director of Archives & Outreach at the Evanston History Center. You may have seen the headline in the past month or so in Crain’s Chicago Business – When Did Evanston Get Hip? The article highlighted Evanston’s new “foodie” culture where suddenly you can get farm fresh produce, fresh baked bread … Read more

Margery Blair Perkins and the “Classic Town” of Evanston

Dr. Jenny Thompson is Director of Education at the Evanston History Center. She is editor of “Evanston: A Tour Through the City’s History.” In June 2013, the Evanston History Center announced the publication of a new edition of Margery Blair Perkins’ history of Evanston, titled, Evanston: A Tour Through the City’s History. The new edition, … Read more

New Tour Starts this Month! Front Stairs, Back Stairs: Stories of the Dawes House Staff

Erin FH Hughes is the Curator of Collections. Erin is originally from Madison, WI. She attended the University of Wisconsin and is very proud to be a Badger.  When visitors come to the Dawes house, the first thing most say is, “Wow! Who lived here? This house is beautiful.” While in the past they were … Read more

War Defines our Region

Lori Osborne is the Archivist at the Evanston History Center. This is the third in a series of articles on very early Evanston history, from millions of years ago to Evanston’s earliest settlers. For more than 100 years our region was contested ground, due to the wars between the French and British empires over control … Read more