Week 7

The external connections for the piping have been made, pressure tests conducted, and all the trenching in-filled. One of the many nice qualities of sand is that it is very dense, so we do not expect much settling of the earth levels in the well-field. Monday the fence will come down and the grounds will … Read more

Week 6

The horizontal boring was successfully accomplished this week and the eight pipes have been installed. Next week we will hook up the sixteen wells to the eight pipes and begin the interior installation. We will be installing a new boiler to supplement the heat exchangers of the new system and provide an all important back-up … Read more

Week 5

Well, as my dad would say – in reference to the adage about Murphy’s Law – “Its time for old Murph to get in the act.” In other words, we have run into some unexpected conditions on our horizontal boring. Apparently, when Robert Sheppard and architect Henry Edwards-Ficken built this house, they wanted to be … Read more

Week 4

All 16 wells have been dug and drilling is complete. Next week we will begin digging trenches for the horizontal run of piping that will connect all the wells and enter the house through the basement. Installation is ongoing for the new ductwork to supply the air-conditioning, as well as the geothermal piping that will … Read more

Week 3

  The second week of drilling went very well and we are right on schedule. With 11 holes done, we should be finished on schedule at the end of the fourth week of drilling.  We have a closed loop system, which means we do not use any ground water.  The saturated sand composition of the … Read more

Week 2

  Drilling was begun and has been progressing well. Six of the sixteen vertical boreholes have been completed. Each borehole is 300 feet deep and filled with a continuous, closed section of flexible pipe.  The two ends of the pipe are left sticking out of the ground.  These will eventually be interconnected and extended into … Read more