The Evanston History Center offers first-rate educational programing and resources for educators and students of all ages. Whether looking for Evanston history-related projects and resources, a lively and informative speaker for a virtual class or meeting, or information about how to conduct oral history, the Evanston History Center can help.

For more information on educational programs and resources at EHC, please contact Dr. Jenny Thompson.

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Evanston History Resources:

Juneteenth History & Resources

Daniel Burnham in Evanston

The Takeover 1968: Student Protest, Campus Politics, and Black Student Activism at Northwestern University.

April 1968 Evanston in the Wake of King’s Death: the Fight for Fair Housing

Educator Resources:

Freedom in Illinois, 1850s-1860s

Oral History Guide

Oral History: “Talk Little, Listen Much: Wayne Watson and an Oral History of Evanston’s Black Community

Spirited: Prohibition in America, Educational Resources

Educational Resources for Through Darkness to Light: Photographs Along the Underground Railroad

Remembering WWI: Resources for Educators

The Evanston War Memorial
Restoration: Profiles of Evanston’s “War Dead”*
*The term “War Dead” is an historical one, used frequently and with respect throughout the war years and afterward. It is used here with the same respect and desire to make an historical connection with the time.

Educational Resources for Through Darkness to Light: Photographs Along the Underground Railroad

Lesson Plans:

Lesson Plans for Teachers and Educators (Grades 2-5)

Lesson Plans for Teachers and Educators (Grades 6-12)

Maps for Lesson Plans

Photographs for Lesson Plans


Evanston History Center Community Project: Documenting the Covid-19 Pandemic

Evanston Seen: Creating A Visual Map of Meaning-A Community Photo Project

Other Resources:

Evanston Bibliography

Evanston-Related Online Books and Other Resources

Podcast Series: History Speaks

Speakers Bureau

Portable History Programs