Daniel Burnham in Evanston

Daniel Hudson Burnham (1846 – 1912) was one of the most influential architects and city planners in the United States. He was co-author of the Chicago Plan of 1909 and director of the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893. He was the architect of the Flatiron Building (1902) in New York City,  Union Station (1907) in Washington, D.C. and numerous Chicago buildings including the Rookery building (1886) and the Monodnack building (1889-1891). Burnham made his home in Evanston, Illinois, and designed many structures in the city.

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Burnham Designs in Evanston

Bold = Extant  Fine = Demolished


Burnham & Root

1883:  5 Houses – locations unknown Owner: Z.S. Holbrook. Per Charles Moore biography

1883:  House & Barn, 506 Ridge (old numbering- 1558 new), between Grove & Davis, Razed. Owners:  George S. Lord & Eda Hurd Lord, Friends of Burnhams

1883:  House, 1462 Ridge, Owner: George W. Smith                          

1883:  Remodel of House, 231 Dempster. Owner: Clara Woodyatt (Burnham’s sister)


Lord House, 1620 Ridge


1885:  622/1620 Ridge, House, Razed in 1953 for Rotary International Headquarters, Owner: Thomas Lord (father of George Lord)       

1887:  316 Davis St., NW Corner Davis & Forest Ave, Razed 1937. Hugh Wilson Estate                        

1888:   1305 Forest, House, Owner: Dr. Charles Fuller, friend of Burnham

1888:   Haven School (First) NW Corner Sherman & Church, Razed 1926. Replaced by Marshall Field’s store

1889:   House & Barn, 545 Ridge –sold to St. Francis Hospital circa 1920, moved twice, in 1926 east end of lot facing north – Razed. Owner: P. J. Kasper                                 

1889:  600 Dempster St. Flats/Apartments, SW corner Dempster & Chicago Ave. Owner: Arthur Orr, friend of Burnham                                     

1890: 217 Dempster, House, Owner: William L. Brown, friend of Burnham

1892: Noyes Street School, 927 Noyes St. (Now known as Noyes Cultural Art Center)

1892:  318-320 Dempster, Double house, Owner: W.L.  Brown & H.P. Post


Emmanuel Church, 1401 Oak Street


1892:  Emmanuel M. E. Church, 1401 Oak (largely attributed to Burnham’s partner, John Root)

D.H. Burnham & Co.

1894 : First Presbyterian Church, 1427 Chicago Ave

1894: Larimer School,  1201 Oak St, Razed 1936. Now Larimer Park, Twin of Noyes Street School.

Deering House, 2645 Sheridan Road


1895: 2645 Sheridan Road. Owner: Charles Deering. House razed 1962. PARTIAL 2655 Sheridan – Barn remains as private residence.


Daniel H. Burnham Residence, rear view, Evanston, IL, 1891. Daniel H. Burnham Collection, Ryerson and Burnham Art and Architecture Archives, The Art Institute of Chicago. Digital file # 194301_110614-032.  


1898:   Daniel H. Burnham’s home (pictured above),  232 Dempster Street, Remodel/addition, Razed 1938.

1898:  Hinman Avenue School 425 Dempster, now Chiaravalle, formerly Miller School

1898: Fisk Hall, Sheridan Road, Northwestern University, formerly Evanston Academy. Exterior remodeled 1955.

1909: Concrete Balustrade/Wall Burnham property, Dempster, Lake Shore Boulevard, and Burnham Place

Daniel H. Burnham Residence, terrace and service building, Evanston, IL, n.d.. Daniel H. Burnham Collection, Ryerson and Burnham Art and Architecture Archives, The Art Institute of Chicago. Digital file # 194301_110614-033.

1909: Tea House (pictured above), on Burnham property, now 111 Burnham Place. Remodeled into a residence 1948.


This list was compiled by Kris Hartzell, Director of Facilities, Visitor Services and Collections.  khartzell@evanstonhistorycenter.org. Many thanks to The Art Institute of Chicago, Daniel H. Burnham Collection, Ryerson and Burnham Art and Architecture Archives,  for granting us permission to use images from their collection.

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