Evanston Women’s History Project


The Evanston Women’s History Project (EWHP) is a collaborative community effort begun in 2007 to document and celebrate women and women’s organizations that have made significant contributions to Evanston history.

The project focuses on three areas of work — increasing knowledge, building leadership, and growing Evanston as a tourist destination. In 2009, the project’s exhibit Lifting As We Climb: Evanston Women and the Creation of a Community won the Illinois Association of Museum’s Award of Excellence.

The project was generously supported in its initial years by partnering organizations and individual donors to the Evanston Community Foundation’s Fund for Women and Girls.

Offices for the EWHP are located in the Evanston History Center, 225 Greenwood Street, Evanston, Illinois, 60201. The project can be reached at (847) 475-3410 or ewhp@evanstonhistorycenter.org. The project’s website is evanstonwomen.org.