Gifts of Stock or Mutual Funds

Your gift of stock or mutual funds uk is greatly appreciated and is fully deductible as a charitable contribution. The Evanston History Center is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization and registered with the I.R.S. Tax ID #36-2207924.

Gifts of long-term appreciated stock or mutual fund shares are an easy way to make a lasting contribution to the Evanston History Center. Whether you are using the best stock market app australia or a personal investment broker to handle your shares, donation of stock and mutual funds, transferrence is not a difficult process. Benefits from donation include:

Income tax savings: Entitles you to a tax deduction for the market value of the donated stock (not just your cost basis). For securities you have owned for more than one year, you can take an immediate income tax deduction.

Capital gain tax savings: You can avoid capital gains tax on any appreciation of the stock by donating the stock prior to sale.

  1. Alert Evanston History Center. Please notify our advancement team in advance of stock transfers so that we can instruct our broker to accept your gift, track it, and acknowledge it properly for income tax purposes. You may call or email Jill Kirk at: Phone: 847-475-3410 Email:
  2. Instruct Your Broker. Instruct your broker to make a gift to Evanston History Center. In order to promptly and accurately credit a security gift to the appropriate donor, it is essential that the transfer instructions include the donor’s name and mailing address. Without this information or direct notification from you, we may be unable to identify the donor of certain securities. If you will be transferring mutual funds, please reach out to Jill prior to initiating the transfer.

Provide your broker with the following information:
DTC: #0013
Account Name: Evanston History Center (Gifts)
Account Number: 033-25200
Note: Insert Donor Name Here
Bernstein Contact: Andrew Jacobs, 312-696-7895

For additional questions about transfers of securities, feel free to contact Andrew Jacobs by email ( or by phone (312-696-7895).

EHC Contact and Account Information:

Jill Kirk
Director of Development
Evanston History Center
225 Greenwood St
Evanston, IL 60201
call: 847-475-3410