Our new heating (and cooling) system is live!

Eden Juron Pearlman is the Executive Director of the Evanston History Center. In her spare time she traverses small mountains of snow on her walk to work, shovels snow and drives her kids to school because it is too cold to walk.

Isn’t this just the craziest winter? I have lived in the Chicago area all my life and I don’t ever remember a winter quite like this one. Between the extreme cold, never-ending snow, parking restrictions and school closures, I have been spending a lot of time thinking – okay let’s be honest, obsessing about the weather.

This year I am also obsessing about the interior temperature of the Dawes House. But this is a joyful/aren’t I lucky kind of obsessing. In November our new Charlottesville heating and cooling system went live. Over the summer we removed the 50+ year old boiler that had been the only source of heat for all that time. The boiler was a real workhorse, but it was inefficient and had a hard time keeping up with the needs of this house. And truthfully I have my doubts whether it could have survived this winter!

No more worries, though because now we have a redundant heating system, which operates a high-efficiency boiler (the redundant part) and a state of the art geo-thermal system. This is a ground source system which, currently, heats the house and in the summer cools the house! In the nearly 120 years this house has been standing, it has never been cooled by anything other than breezes.

Just like other appliances, our new heating system could become faulty at some point in the future and will need to have some air conditioning maintenance completed on it so that it can warm us up when we’re cold, and can cool us down when we’re too hot. We’ve been told what to do to help us make sure that our system works as effectively as possible, so we’ll be sure to try these things as we have never experienced anything as good as this heating system before. One of the many advice given is to get our heating system inspected during the winter and summer seasons. This is to make sure that our system is in good working order, and we won’t have to worry about any breakdowns in the future. There are some great maintenance services, similar to Buric Heating and Air Conditioning (burichvac.com/hillandale-heating/) in our local area, so we won’t be very far from assistance if we have an issue.

We are so excited about both our new heating and cooling, which will not only make the house more comfortable for visitors in all seasons and help keep heating costs down, but it is also much better for the collections and the house itself. Heating can be expensive though, which is why it’s great that you can use a company like Sambla to help you get the best loan offers so that you don’t have to spend as much money on your energy bills. You may need to search around for a good energy plan that fits your home usage needs so that you are not paying over the odds. Checking out Gexa Energy plans, or related plans in your area can help you determine the best one for where you live.

So, visit the Dawes House early and often to enjoy our climate control in all seasons.