Portable History Programs

We Bring History to You!

We offer a variety of presentations for classes, meetings, luncheons, or any occasion. These powerpoint presentations are richly illustrated with images, maps, and documents, and can be tailored to your requirements. We provide all the equipment, including laptop and projector, and will set up and present to your group. Topics available are listed below. Please contact Jenny Thompson, Curator of Education, for more information or to schedule a presentation. Sliding Scale fees apply.


Topic: Milestones and Memories: A Brief Look at Evanston History

This presentation covers the history of Evanston from its frontier days to the present.  Looking at the major issues Evanston residents have faced over time and their responses to these issues, this presentation is meant to highlight the changing nature of community identity.


dawes-house7-copyTopic: “The Life of a Famous House:” A Virtual Tour and History of the Dawes House

This presentation traces the history of the Charles Gates Dawes House, from its design and construction to its many inhabitants, furnishings, and uses. It also includes the fascinating tale of the house that once stood upon the current site of the Dawes House.

 8-levere-and-an-unidentified-us-soldier-or-y-secretary-possibly-his-friend-paul-johnson-pictured-near-the-front-lines-soissons-france-1918Topic: ” ‘My Hut:’ The Story of a YMCA Volunteer in World War One”

This presentation reveals the amazing experiences of a once prominent Evanstonian, William “Billy” Levere (1872-1927) who volunteered to serve Allied soldiers in France during World War One. The presentation draws from Levere’s own recently published memoir and recounts his story of service overseas where he ran a YMCA “hut” for soldiers.


Topic: “Evanston at the Movies”

This presentation explores Evanston’s long movie-going history, including the stories of the city’s earliest theaters and the development of film technology. Also included is a showing of a 1927 reel promoting Hollywood stars.

Other topics coming soon!