Anette Isaacs


A true cosmopolitan, German born and raised Anette Isaacs did her graduate work at Emory University, Georgia, the University of Vienna and at the Free University in Berlin. She holds Master´s Degrees in American Studies, Political Science, and History. Since 1998, she has been working as Director Germany for New York based GROUP I.S.T. For more than a dozen years she was running and organizing all German I.S.T. / Road Scholar (formerly ELDERHOSTEL) programs. In 2012 Ms. Isaacs launched her newest project: A&M Tours: Art and Music in Germany, a service that will provide exclusive unique travel and educational in-depth experiences, tailor made to groups and organizations.(

In addition to her extensive work in the travel industry, Ms. Isaacs is also a part-time faculty member of the College of Lake County, Harper College, and Oakton College and greatly enjoys teaching and lecturing on various German historical, cultural, social, and political topics.

Her vast knowledge about her native country’s history, culture, society, and politics will undoubtedly be a real asset to your institution and event!

Short selection of available lectures:

-The Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall

-Operation Freedom: The Berlin Airlift (1948-1949)

-The amazing Adventure of Bertha Benz and the History of the German Automobile

-Richard Wagner and King Ludwig of Bavaria: Between Music and Madness

-From Suffragettes to Angela Merkel: German Women Yesterday and Today

-Between Normality and Terror: Everyday Life in Nazi Germany

-Never Forget: Remembering the Holocaust in Berlin and Germany

For a complete list of all available topics, please visit: