Mark E. Nussbaum, PE

Architectural Consulting Engineers
837 Hayes Avenue, Oak Park, IL 60302

Mark Nussbaum is a mechanical engineer in private practice who specializes in the preservation, restoration, and adaptive reuse of historic buildings. Mark has worked on the national landmark Charles Gates Dawes House, as well as on landmark structures throughout the United States, including: Wright’s Unity Temple, Robie House & Dana Thomas House; Sullivan’s Holy Trinity Cathedral; Maher’s Pleasant Home; and the Woodrow Wilson Townhouse in Washington DC.

He has an extensive background designing mechanical systems and implementing sustainable, green technologies in historic structures. His work focuses on maintaining the important elements of a building’s historic significance, while offering improved environmental control and operating costs, and creating a safer space for the people who occupy or visit historic buildings.

Presentation Topics include:

“Historic Structures & Green Technology: Renewal from the Ground Up.”